Anxiety can take control of your mind and body — if you let it. You have the power to turn negative situations into positive ones with your self-talk.

Self-Talk for a Calmer You was written for those living with anxiety and fear. Beverly Flaxington uses over 25 years of experience working with individuals in personal and professional situations, and shares the answers you can use right away to find the calmer you hidden inside your anxiety.

Learn how to quickly pinpoint personal anxiety triggers and stop the often-undetected negative self-talk that depletes your energy, makes you feel defeated, raises your blood pressure, causes insomnia, and disrupts digestion.

A few words from Bev…

Gold-award winning author Beverly Flaxington takes her experience as a hypnotherapist, a corporate consultant, a two-time bestselling author, a college professor, an international public speaker, a corporate trainer, corporate coach and facilitator and shares techniques for conquering negative self-talk and restoring calm.

Achieve Your Career Goals with
Positive Self-Talk

Think about the benefits of dealing with difficult people in your workplace using professionalism and a patient demeanor.  This book gives you the tools to bring about more positive outcomes in a business environment. 

A must read for every person who needs to learn how to change the way they talk to themselves so they can talk to others successfully and get what they want in business and life.”

—Janet Powers, Chief Executive Connector, Women's Toolbox, LLC.

Perfect for team building in the workplace.

Increase productivity from your employees. Self-Talk for a Calmer You provides the tools for better communication, creating a positive environment and company culture.  

Improve Your Personal Relationships Today

Do holidays and family reunions put you on edge?  Imagine if you could attend these events feeling calm and in control.

Beverly provides the tools to reverse those negative and defeating messages you send yourself.   Learn how to approach personal relationships feeling in control of your emotions, and at ease.

“Beverly explains how much of the negative self-talk that leads to stress and anxiety originates from others - parents, teachers or even news reporters.  I recommend this book for anyone who seeks to change their inner dialog to achieve positive results in their life.”

—David Dachinger, Music Composer

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Bring Self-Confidence to the Forefront: This Book Teaches You How.

Go into an interview feeling confident and optimistic. Conquer public speaking with no fear.

Self-Talk for a Calmer You teaches you how to recognize the triggers that cause anxiety and reverse the outcome!  Learn the strategies to overcome situations that make you nervous, nauseous, or fearful.  These feelings can be replaced by confidence, contentment and joy.


Leave anxiety behind. Learn How Today.

Develop stronger and more rewarding personal and professional relationships.  Order now and receive special incentives.

  • Dealing with a Personal Loss
  • Heading off to college
  • Experiencing a Life-Changing Event
  • Facing challenges in the work place
  • Failing to communicate effectively with loved ones

Learn how to find greater happiness.  You have the power to overcome conflict and negativity.  Self-talk for a Calmer You provides the tools to take complete control of your emotions and actions for a more joyful and positive life.

 “Your self talk impacts your communication with others, Beverly's book provides practical activities, tools and approaches that create immediate results!”

—Charmaine Hammond
Best-Selling, Award-Winning Author and Professional Speaker